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Ah still on a high from last night’s concert! #stlucia (at Fonda Theatre)

Throwback Thursday

Santeria by Sublime

I heard this song twice in one day. Once while driving on the 101 to Starbucks for a serious study session in Burbank, and also later that night as I was watching an amazing blind audition for The Voice. 

When I finally got home after a long day out and about, I found myself listening to this nineties classic on repeat. After taking a deep dive to find a cover song that was of a comparable quality, I thought that this song may just be one of the few songs that could be considered, what I call, “untouchable.”

Reggae is an incredibly hard genre to master - both technically and stylistically. Say what you will about the 90s, but I stayed close on the trail to find a decent cover of this gem. Here’s what I found:




With views peaking at just 1,800, (1) offers such a careful balance of technical abilities mixed with a unique, but familiar stylistic flair. Paired with this song, Ms. Yohe’s voice does Bradley and all of Sublime justice.